Excelsa volunteers will be welcomed by UN, in New York The students Caio S. Mansisi, Diego S. Luz, Helga C. G. Silva e Lais A. Moreira, all with ages around 15, all from public schools from Sao Paulo's periphery, were chosen through GlobalClassrooms and will be on the United Nations offices in the next May 12h. They will be simulating an ambassador's action. These selected students are Excelsa's volunteers, and will be carrying its symbol and delivering the world the environmental message of our organization, besides all the mutual knowledge that we have been acquiring. As our truth representatives, where Action speak more than words, they will be taking as gifts some T-shirts made through the recycling of PET bottles. Helga, Lais, Caio e Diego: Congratulations, Excelsa feels honored to have you on our team. "It is worthless to make a statement without an example, there is no dream without work". Francisco C. Xavier.




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Excelsa volunteers will be welcomed by UN, in New York

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