And 2009 continues ... Sowing Certificates Thanks to a partnership with the renowned multinational company TUV Rheinland in Sao Paolo, we will initiate in 2009 the "Sowing Certificate" for the period from 2006 to 2008. Also in 2009 the scions will be number tagged prior to the distribution in order to facilitate future inspections. This approach is allowing us to build a better "future now". Congratulations to TUV who joined our efforts using Sao Paolo's superintendent Regina Toscano's loved persona supporting our cause.




Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce regards Excelsa's work

Excelsa volunteers will be welcomed by UN, in New York

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The Rotary Club (Sao Paulo West) and details about its partnership with Excelsa

On World Environment Day, Excelsa's President gives interview to TV Gazeta

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Soccer Tournament

Asprones Communities

Excelsa participates in the trade show "Fispal Tecnologia"

4 months on Gazeta TV

Excelsa in "Reacao Natural" Magazine

Excelsa on Gazeta TV

And 2009 continues ... Sowing Certificates

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