Excelsa successfully organizes Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce's happening On April 14th, the Excelsa Institute, together with Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce, organized the happening Environment - Actions that Generate Positive Results. On that day, the Institute's President, Ana Luiza Vergueiro, discoursed to the audience composed by entrepreneurs, journalists, environmental technicians and others, about the possibilities that the Institute offers to attend the challenge of environmental conscience, specially the entrepreneurs'. Through the Institute's mechanisms, Ana Luiza brilliantly proved that is possible for the Amazon Forest to be "more worthy standing than on the ground" The immediate result was proved by a Chamber's journalist, that was on the happening, telling us that Excelsa's work will be published on May's issue of the official Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce magazine. Ana Luiza mentioned the statement made by Virgilio Vianna, Amazonas State Secretary for Environment and Sustainable Development.




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Excelsa successfully organizes Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce's happening

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