The Rotary Club (Sao Paulo West) and details about its partnership with Excelsa The Rotary Club (Sao Paulo West), member of the Rotary International, considered in a recent survey as the world's 5th organization in credibility, will try to achieve in 5 years the ambitious "Rotary Verde" (Green Rotary) project of planting 1.000.000 trees in Amazonia. In order to accomplish that, this renowned international organization has chosen Excelsa Institute to lead this task that will be surely noticed in the whole world. Rotary is a Pioneer on this kind of action. The logistics of distributing vaccines against poliomyelitis through the world was planned in last century by Rotary Foundation. Excelsa feels each time more honored to participate on this action, to eradicate this other evil against nature. We will sooner give more information about this project.




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The Rotary Club (Sao Paulo West) and details about its partnership with Excelsa

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