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The Brazil Nut Tree and the Peach Palm are trees that produce internationally known market valued fruits.

Brazil Nut, which is much appreciated on the foreign markets, has its consumption (02 nuts a day) prescribed by doctors, because of its selenium concentration; and the peach palm, which is nowadays an source of wealth for Central American exporters, can be briefly on the list of brazilian exports. Through appropriate handling, these two species can be also turned into sticks (used in furniture making) after their 3rd year of life.

They also allow the production of diversified handicrafed items using the bur and the palm leaves, residues that are still disposed due to lack of proper utilization.

The Institute, through the cession of areas in commodate, supports the joining of entrepreneurs willing to transform the natural wealth, which is concentrated on the organic residues, into self sustained economic wealth.
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Photographer: Alice Vergueiro

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